Rep Morgan Adams

My name is Morgan Adams. I grew up in a small town north of Fort Wayne IN, but due to my husband being in the military we lived in Miami FL and just moved north to Jacksonville FL. Im 21 years old and own a business with my father. My fitness journey is about 2 years in the making. I suffer from an eating disorder known as bulimia. I also suffer with body dysmorphia. It has been one of the hardest things to deal with knowing I can’t have kids until I get my eating disorder under control but working out and learning how to eat healthy has definitely helped. This summer I will be doing my first NPC bikini competition and Im so excited!! I have been raised around Pitbulls my whole life so they mean the world to me. Im a mommy to a Pitbull named Ahri and a Yorkie named Corkie. They are seriously best friends. When I learned about bullyfitness I instantly fell in love. I love the fact that they are all about fitness and 50% of sales goes to help animal shelters and the bully bread (the most misunderstood bread I’ve ever met). Im so excited to be apart of changing the world for the bully bread <3
SnapChat: morgan_hayes94