Rep Bre Hiett

I’m a pretty simple girl, like most people, I love puppies, but the older I get the more I realize that it’s more of an obsession- and that’s saying it nicely my friends. So naturally my Arizona residing self had to jump on this BullyFitness bandwagon of amazingness. I’ve rescued two “catahoula pitbull” mixes from Lullubelle Animal Rescue, and it’s by far my proudest two moments.
My #MissZolaBoots is my absolute pride & joy, Ive been training with her, with full intent of her traveling the world with me, she’s my protection, physically & mentally, I rely on that sweet girl so much and she loves me more for it, we’re going to go on so many adventures together. But when I think of someone telling me she can’t be with me because she has a square head, I LOSE it. I’ll never understand how someone could be so close minded, but with a group like this spreading the word of how amazing these dogs are, just MAYBE we can change some hearts.
So be sure to follow #BullyFitnessGear, donate when you can (use my promo code: brehiett), go volunteer, help spread the good word, anything and everything helps!
Instagram: brehiett
The AZ shelter that I’m in love with if yall ever want to adopt: