Rep Breanna Wilbur

Hey! My name is Breanna Wilbur. I live in Virginia Beach, VA. I am a Navy veteran and now I work as an aircraft mechanic on the F-18. I also am a full time student pursuing my bachelors degree in Aeronautics. I enjoy running and rucking. I have ran an international marathon, 11 half marathons, and too many shorter distance races to count. My current addiction is rucking (put weight in a bag and go). I rucked 31 miles with 20-30lbs in rememberance of the 31 lives lost in Extortion 17 and love doing GoRuck events (light and tough challenges). Nalah is my 4 year old pitbull and my best friend. I have had her since she was 4 months old. She’s travelled the country and lived on both coasts. I want to raise awareness about the breed and show people they are the most loving dogs. Let’s ban BSL and save as many pitties as possible.
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