Rep Hannah Greene

Hello hello!
My name is Hannah Greene, that’s my boyfriend Max Carmona on the right, and our little munchkin  Emee in the middle.
We love anything pitbulls. We volunteer at a local shelter that focuses on the bully breed, and rescued this little girl from a homeless man trying to sell her as a fighting dog.
I am on a mission to end hatred towards the pitbull breed, raise money for rescue shelters, and do anything I absolutely can to change the mindset media and society have about the pitbull breed.
I have a Facebook page, Instagram, and twitter that are based on pitbulls. Still small, but goal is to be big and viewed by everyone.
Little personal: I love all animals, insects, living. I believe there is a lot of dark in this world but there are those people who outshine and make the world happy, I aim to be one of those. I am currently going to school and am majoring in Business Administration/Entrepreneurship with a minor in Design. I play soccer and run track, and want to get to the highest level I possibly can.
I one day want to have a huge farm of all rescued animals and continue to do whatever I can for any animal.
Social Media: twitter- @thebullysquadd
Instagram- @hannahbeegreene
Instagram- @bullysquad
Promo Code- bullysquad