Rep Hannah Kochman

Hello all, my name is Hannah and I am an avid dog mom of three of the best little guys on the planet! Two of my dogs, Rosie and Thatcher, are pitty mixes, but neither one of them looks like your average bully dog! It just goes to show how expansive and diverse this breed can get! I’m so excited to finally be a part of a cause that helps to rescue and rehabilitate pit breeds, and that educates and raises awareness of BSL legislation, bully abuse, and the real truth about these gentle giants.
In our free time, Rosie and Thatch and I like to be outside as much as we can; we all enjoy the active lifestyle that all of us here at Bully Fitness are all about! My promo code “thatchdog” will support a home-based shelter, Big Bully Rescue, in my home town in Arizona.
Don’t blame the breed, blame the deed!
Promo code : thatchdog
My Instagram is prettywiney