Rep Karyln Lynn Flores


My name is Karly Lynn Flores! I am a United States Marine wife, model, artist, aspiring NPC bikini competitor, and Pitbull Momma!

My father is the one who got me in to fitness. I was home schooled through high school and he took it upon himself to be my PE coach. We were always a fit family, running was my biggest strength and I rode horses for years; but I was always skinny. Years of being bullied during public school had taken its toll and eventually I decided enough was enough and I started lifting. My best friend and I would hit the gym frequently, stumbling through our own workouts using our self-taught techniques. Slowly, I started seeing a change. The real motivation came when I discovered the bikini division in body building competitions. I had always been a competitive type person so it was perfect! Since the fall of 2015, I have been working towards competing at an NPC event, with the ultimate goal of going pro!

My little fur-baby’s name is Xena. I rescued her from a kill-shelter in Alabama a little over 2 years ago. She was only a puppy and had ended up on the E-list because she had ringworm, something that the shelter did not have the resources to treat. I originally did not want a bully breed because I knew it would be hard to find a place to live with one. I had absolutely nothing against them, in fact I thought they were great dogs, my first dog was a Doberman (which also get a bad rep.) Ever since, this little baby has been the light of my world! She has a massive personality and a huge heart. I take her most everywhere with me, including my work, which happens to be a shelter!

I work at a no-kill shelter near New Orleans, Louisiana, called P.A.W.S. (the Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society.) Everyday I am surrounded by hard working people who strive to put the animals they work with as their number one priority. We are a small operation, but house over 200 animals because we also manage the parish animal control! Dog fighting is a problem near the New Orleans area, well over 80% of the dogs that come to the shelter are Pitbulls. In addition, nearly every dog that finds its way  here is also diagnosed with heartworms, which are easily preventable, but the swampy terrain and lack of education about the parasite make it a considerable foe of ours. We strive every day to give our animals the best lives they can have. We make it our number one goal to find loving homes for our residents. In the event that an animal does not find a forever home, we are 100% committed to the life of every animal here. Meaning, they will always have a home with us. is where you can see all the cats and dogs we have available to adopt!

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As for my code, let’s do: paws4life