Rep Kodi Clemons


My name is Kodi Clemons, I’m from Strawberry, AR, currently residing in Jonesboro, AR. I am currently a student, focusing on my career path. I aim to study exersice science soon and get my bachelor’s degree. Exercise and fitness have been very beneficial to me. I was previously very out of shape, and what some would consider fat. I struggled with bulimia for about 2-3 years, taking weight loss pills like they were candy. I struggled to meet the criteria of the negative environment around me. When I moved to Jonesboro, I started my fitness journey at 10 fitness with my boyfriend. Shortly after, I realized that I didn’t need weight loss pills. I soon ended my long road with bulimia. However, I was still very unhappy with life and myself. In March of 2016, I rescued my dog, Zeba, and she turned my life completely around. I no longer felt sad when I woke up or dreaded the day. Rescuing her motivated me even more to continue a healthy lifestyle.


Instagram name: kodi_rc

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