Rep Laura Ware


My name is Laura, I live in Las Vegas, NV. My full time job is a dog/cat groomer. I’ve been working with and caring for animals for five years. I couldn’t imagine any better field to work in. I have a cat who was rescued from the shelter in 2009, a bearded dragon, a Spaniel mix that I took in from running the streets at 7 months of age in 2014 and a French Bulldog/ American Bulldog mix I adopted from Happy Home Animal Sanctuary. I always try to encourage people to adopt an animal because I believe they all need love and a home to call their own. While working at grooming shop, I get to hear all different rescue stories and see dogs and get to know them as they age. I get to have the pleasure to make these animals feel great and special. My Bulldog mix makes me want to let people know bully breeds are the best dog to have. I want people to know with a good home, love and right mindset bully breeds are the best breed that will always have your back. I also want to let people know about the dangers of ear cropping, mainly doing them yourself. Main reason is that my Bulldog mix was taken away at very young age because the previous owners cut her ears to where her ears are just open holes with no ear flap, just a small tip. My fitness love is about bettering myself and being the happiest strong form I can be. I feel like I live at the two different gyms I go to every day. Because of living a healthier lifestyle, I want to others to choose to better themselves and know the best care advice for their pets.


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