Rep Milk Paws

Version 2

Hiya! My Name Is Milk Paws. I am a pitbull service dog who loves life, people, and other animals! I am also training to be a therapy dog so I can help humans by going into schools and hospitals to assist those in need of unconditional love and companionship.

I am Chief Dog, spokesdoggy, and the inspiration for my organization My Name Is Milk. We are a Charleston, SC based animal welfare organization aiming to support existing animal shelters and dog rescues in our area and beyond through fundraising, education, outreach, and fostering. Aiming to reduce the negative stigma of pitbulls, fighting BSL, creating a doggy food bank, and educating the public to reduce animal neglect and abuse are at the forefront of our goals. We highlight adoptable pitbulls and bully breeds on my dog blog, and are currently working to obtain 501c3 status.

As a service dog, I provide medical alert and am training for mobility tasks. I spend time with my human every week while she works on fitness and strengthening exercises. On my off time, I love to be active running and swimming outside with my siblings, and chewing on lots of toys. We enjoy attending monthly fitness walks with our local Chucktown Bully Breed Club during the cooler months!

Follow me on Instagram and tweet with me @milkpaws.

Use promocode “SaveThePuppies” to save 10% and to help support our local pitbull rescues and fight BSL.

<3 BullyMilk