Rep Samm Epstein

My name is Samm and I’m currently living in Gainesville, FL. I’m 26 years old and work at the Florida Museum of Natural History where I assist with research on butterflies and moths. In my free time, I paint custom pet portraits, work out, volunteer at my local animal shelter, blog, cook, spend time with my pets, and put together animal themed coloring books that benefit shelters and rescues.
My husband and I live a vegan lifestyle to avoid supporting the suffering of animals in factory farms, and to help the environment. We also rescue animals of all kinds ranging from dogs, to birds, to reptiles and more. We have 3 rescued dogs, two of which are pit mixes and they are the most amazing dogs I’ve ever had. I’m very passionate about changing the world’s views on pit bulls and am proud to be part of this team. Purchases made with my promo codes will benefit the rescue Plenty of Pit Bulls or Alachua County Animal Services, both in Gainesville, FL. Always remember to adopt and not shop (unless it’s shopping for awesome bully fitness gear!)
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“Plentyofpits” to benefit Plenty of Pit Bulls (  OR
“ACAS” to benefit Alachua County Animal Services (
My Instagram: @sammwepstein
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