Rep Tetyana

By day I am an auditor, but by night I am an animal rights fighter! I absolutely adore and love bully breed dogs ? anytime I would say I want to adopt a bully everyone said “omg they are dangerous.” I said “we are not friends anymore!” Don’t bully my breed, period! ????? I did not adopt a bully yet, because of landlord restrictions but I am going to start volunteering at animal shelter next week, so I can not only help out but also give bullies some love they deserve ? no matter how busy I will get, one things I will never be too busy for is to help those in need  ???
I have always stood up for the voiceless! In my spare time I create jewelry, proceeds from which are donated to charities that rescue animals ?????
User the rep code Tatilovespitties10  to get 10% off your purchase and ensure New York Bully Crew gets 50% of the proceeds from your purchase! Thank you!