Rep Tiffany Longhurst


My name is Tiffany.  I adopted my first Pit Bull in April of 2011.  Her name is Madison and she is my soul puppy/once in a lifetime dog.  She is the epitome of what beautiful is inside and out.  She LOVES people, running, hiking, playing ball, and her sister Poppy.  Poppy we adopted in May 2012.  She appears to be an English Staffordshire Terrier.  She is my comic relief.  She is the happiest, most cuddly, trouble making, and hysterical dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  The are my true best friends.  They have changed my life.  They gave me something to be passionate about.

 I never met a dog/animal that I didn’t love but “Bully-type” dogs have my heart. They are different, becoming a “Bully” parent makes you want to change and fight the negative stigma that has tarnished this breed.  You feel like it is your responsibility to educate everyone whom you come in contact with, about how incredible these dogs are.  You have to be better, more responsible and go above and beyond what other dog owners do.  You make it your personal mission to prove that these dogs are inherently good and deserve to be treated as individuals not the monsters the media portray them as.
I will have “Bully” type dogs for the rest of my life, and I will continue to stand up for and fight for these dogs as long as I live.
I live in Utah and work as a dental hygienist to provide a life for Maddie and Poppy.  We enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and running.  I have ran 15 half marathons and I am training for my third Full marathon in September.  I volunteer with South Ogden Animal Shelter, which is a small local no-kill shelter with amazing staff.
My instagram is madsnpops
Their Facebook is Mad’s Passion and Poppy’s purpose, fighting for pitties everywhere.
The shelter’s facebook page is South Ogden Animal Services
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