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ImageMy name is Angela Arguin and I currently have three wonderful rescues: Baloo, Nala, and Taz (left to right).  I live in southern California and have been vegetarian for the animals since 1999 but went vegan for the animals in 2012 after learning about how horrific the dairy and egg industry is.  I am passionate about animal welfare and equality and believe that rescuing and adopting are the best ways to find a new family member and give back to those creatures who only seek out our love and respect.  We owe it to dogs and all animals alike to protect and stand up for them.  Bully and other “dangerous” breeds have a special place in my heart due to the stigmas and discrimination they face and I can’t wait for the day that we stop demonizing the victims and start blaming the human’s end of the leash.  “Those who teach us most about humanity, aren’t [usually] humans” -Donald L. Hicks

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