Rep Kevin & Sam

Resized_20160708_155010FB_IMG_1468619664653My boyfriend (Kevin Broome) and I (Sam Nasissi)  live in northern New Jersey, right outside of NYC. I am a 6th grade reading/ writing teacher and Kevin works in the retirement services industry. We are both avid gym goes. We do have ties to the Newark Humane Society in Newark NJ. We volunteer on Saturdays and Sundays, getting the dogs out for pack walks, adoption events and interaction with humans.  The dogs love it, as do we. We also have our own rescued pitbull named Scout who is the light of our life.
My instagram account is sammie_pie_rose1515 and Kevin’s instagram is broomellk.
Here is the link for the shelter we volunteer at, it’s the Newark shelter branch. Promo code: velvetpig