Rep Tyler Jones


My name is Tyler Jones. I have been a fitness enthusiast for about five years now. I love spreading the word on fitness and how it changes your life. Not only physically, but mentally as well. If you are having a bad day, then go to the gym and work the stress off. I believe being physically fit helps your live in so many different ways than how you look. After I discovered the up and coming brand of bullyfitness, I knew this was the company I wanted something to do with. Because my love for animals goes way beyond that of fitness. I love knowing I am able to help animals no matter what breed, and help them find a loving home. I spend as much time as I can helping in the community with any kind of animal event. I worked in a vet office for four years and I loved every minute of it. So finding a brand that envolves both fitness and saving animals I was hooked! My goal in life is to spread the word of fitness as well as show people that they can make a difference in animals lives by spending a little of their time or money to help their local animal shelters.